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 J.L. Fredrick is often asked: "How long have you been writing?"  The response is usually always the same: "For as long as I can remember."
   In reality, though, my writing career started in High School with real life experience stories and essays.  Then in college, one of my technical thesis was published and entered into the school library.  But I am most proud of the High School essay that eventually became part of one of my popular books of today.  (You'll find that story--"A Creek, a Bridge, and a Boat" in my book, As I Recall...)  And please don't be alarmed when you see a different author name on the cover; I'll let the cat out of the bag here--it's the only book on which I used my real name!  Yes, J.L. Fredrick is just a penname, a nom de plume!
My first book, The Other End of the Tunnel, was published in 2001 after  a long wait for response from publishers.  

About J.L. Fredrick
Born into a farm family in the late 1940s, J.L. Fredrick lived his youth in rural Western Wisconsin, a modest but comfortable life not far from the Mississippi River. His father was a farmer, and his mother, an elementary school teacher. He attended a one-room country school for his first seven years of education. Wisconsin has been home all his life, with exception of a few years in Minnesota and Florida. After college in La Crosse, Wisconsin and a stint with Uncle Sam during the Viet Nam era, the next few years were unsettled as he explored and experimented with life’s options. He entered into the transportation industry in 1975 where he remained until retirement in 2012. Since 2001 he has fifteen published novels to his credit, five non-fiction history volumes--including Rivers, Roads, & Rails, that is endorsed and sold by the Wisconsin State Historical Society-- a collection of short stories, and one travel journal. He was a featured author during Grand Excursion 2004 on the Mighty Mississippi River.
   J.L. Fredrick is currently rediscovering America in an RV.

"No, a stranger from some exotic land didn't steal my heart, or anything else, for that matter! I'm probably the most unlikely person to become a writer... I grew up on a Wisconsin farm, and eventually, after college, the Army, and retirement from a drag racing career, I became an Interstate Transportation Specialist (truck driver) and I never learned the cello. (Blew a mean trumpet when I was in high school, though.) I've traveled the entire U.S., much of Canada, a tiny bit of Mexico, and did that tourist thing on a cruise to the Bahamas. Learned enough Spanish to order breakfast in Laredo, Texas, and enough Eastern-ese to know not to order "regular" coffee in Gloucester, Massachusettes. If I could travel back in time to meet any one person, it would be a hard choice between Will Rogers and Mark Twain. They say every writer puts a little of himself into his stories. Reckon that's so, 'cause the Mississippi River, steamboats, thunderstorms, and old buildings fascinate me, and you'll find a heap of all that in my prose."